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List of Leads works primarily with sales professionals and businesses nationwide. If you are like most sales professionals, you do not like cold calling. When you or your staff cold call, you rarely have an idea who you really need to be talking to. For all you know, they might not even be in your target audience. Since you don’t have any concise information about them, you are left wondering…”am I marketing to the right people?”

Customized and strategically-targeted lists are an excellent source of finding new prospects to turn into clients and increase your sales revenue. At List of Leads, we work with each client individually to assess their specific needs and help them develop their true target market. Each list is specific to each client’s needs…no two lists are alike.

Turn your cold calls into warm and educated calls. When utilizing a customized list, cold-calling is not so cold anymore because you have information about your contacts. Our lists put qualified leads and information right into the hands of your sales professionals which boosts their confidence and increases closing ratios. Keep in mind, however, marketing lists are not assurances of sales or sales waiting to be made. Lists are a tool for marketing that improves your knowledge about your prospects, as well as focusing on the right target market. To assume that any list will actually make sales for you is a foolish marketing concept.

We only use sources that verify and update in a regular and concise manner to produce the best lists available. No list is 100% accurate — that is an impossible process and product. Consumer and Business information is verified every day, with new information added and outdate/obsolete information deleted. However, we provide the most up-to-date information possible at the time the list is generated.

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